Riham Isaac is a Theater Director, a Performance Artist and an Actress from Palestine. Born and raised in Beit-Sahour a town near Bethlehem it was challenging for her to pursue her career in Theater however being on stage and directing original and challenging ideas is her ultimate motive to continue. She is a graduate from Goldsmiths in MA Performance Making  2013 and she has acted in and directed several shows in Palestine and internationally as well. She is engaged in many different art forms; theater, music, dance, video and visual arts.  Latest work is ‘I Am You’ a brave multidisciplinary performance which toured in Palestine and Sweden and ‘Alternativity’ the original nativity story in an alternative way which Riham Co-directed with Danny Boyle (Academy award winner) at the Walled off Hotel in Bethlehem. In 2017 she opened a new art Space in her hometown Beit-Sahour ‘Art Salon’ to promote art to the local community. Riham is a self motivated and an ambitious artist who always provokes her public with new thoughts and new images. Her goal is to reach for her work universally and to collaborate with other like minded artist from around the world.

Don’t hesitate to contact her on 


facebook: Riham Isaac Twitter: RihamIsaac Instagram: RihamIsaac

To Watch Some videos about her work click on the links below:
Actress Demo Reel 
I Am You Trailer 



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